Re: new IDENT data type and more thorough specification of id and xml:id

Robert J Burns wrote:

> I appreciate the question. The issue you raise here is precisely one of 
> the issues this proposal seeks to address. Authors want as much 
> consistency between serializations that we can achieve. Permitting the 
> xml:id attribute in both serializations helps with that.

I don't think so as this is not backwards compatible with existing 
HTML/XHTML content.

> Add to those issue the fact that many authors do not ensure that their 
> id attributes are unique document wide and that's another use case this 
> proposal seeks to address.  It basically follows the design pattern 
> already paved by the XML distinction. The xml:id can be reserved for 
> authors wanting strict ID typing (with fatal errors for ID collisions in 
> both serializations) while also allowing authors (including legacy 
> content) to use the id attribute more leniently (with potentially many 
> id collisions). Finally the proposal advocates for clear interoperable 
> processing of documents that have duplicate IDENT and ID values.

If such distinction is useful for some users, then validators can very 
easily support two validation modes for documents -- one which will 
enforce ID checks and second which will just ignore such errors.

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