Re: Heading content in a footer element

On Mon, 19 May 2008, Chasen Le Hara wrote:
> My apologies if this question is because I don't understand the spec. In 
> 3.8.8 (The footer element), the content model excludes heading content 
> descendants. I don't understand why this is so.
> As an author, I like to put headings at the top of each section (whether 
> it's a nav, section, article, or even a footer element). This especially 
> aids screen reader users in skipping to a certain portion of a document 
> (in Jaws, I can flip through the headings in a document to get to the 
> footer quickly). The footer typically has contact information and links 
> that aren't present in the rest of the document, which makes getting to 
> the footer, quickly, especially useful.
> Are there any reasons why this should be disallowed by the spec?k

The idea is that just using <footer> itself is enough information to allow 
the AT to allow the user to skip to, or past, that section (same with 
<nav>). If your footer section is big enough that it has its own 
heading(s), it should probably use the <section> element.

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