Re: Determining Script Type

On Tue, 7 Aug 2007, Jim Jewett wrote:
> In, 
> Smylers said that the overall default should be "text/javascript", and 
> pointed out that the algorithm was for parsing, not authors.  This 
> allows further simplification, and I suggest replacing step 1 of 
> with the 
> following
> """
> The script's type is determined by the value of the script element's
> type attribute.
> A type attribute which is either missing or equal to the empty string
> indicate the default value of "text/javascript", for ECMAScript.
> Otherwise, the attribute's value (which SHOULD be a valid MIME type)
> is used directly.
> For backwards compatibility, if the type attribute is missing (not
> just empty, but missing), user agents SHOULD also check the language
> attribute.  If language is present (and not equal to the empty
> string), then the script's type is treated as "text/" + the value of
> the language attribute.
> """

I don't understand what problem this is solving.

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