Re: access to local path data in input file-- or alternative way for users to access local imagery from web applications

On Tue, 13 May 2008, Dailey, David P. wrote:
> However, [apologies in advance] the whatwg folks of late entertained an 
> idea I put forth with less than thorough rejection. How to put this 
> accurately...? The idea was indeed rejected near as I could tell.
> [1]

This e-mail is in fact still in the list of outstanding issues:

(Search for "access to local path". For some reason some of the replies 
are in the WF3-file-access folder; I haven't done a good job of organising 
the forms-related e-mails. Sorry about that.)

I'm waiting for the forms task force to report back before working on 
forms issues, hence the lack of response so far.

Incidentally, the blob work being discussed in public-webapi recently may 
be the way this gets solved. It seems to directly address your use case if 
I've understood it correctly.

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