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On Sun, 17 Jun 2007, Mike Brown wrote:
> In section 1.4 (Terminology) it's still not 100% clear to me whether 
> "HTML elements" such as those that would be returned by 
> HTMLCollection.namedItem(key), would include elements with names not 
> found in certain unmentioned specifications such as HTML 4.01.

"HTML elements" is defined in that section as being short for "elements in 
the HTML namespace". Does that answer your question?

> I mean, it's insufficient to just say "UAs conforming to this specification 
> will place elements in HTML" -- which elements are those? -- "in the 
> namespace".

That's just a statement of fact; there are more specific normative 
conformance criteria in the various places (e.g. in the parser) where 
elements are created.

> Which elements, if any, would not be in that namespace?

I don't really understand the question -- that's like saying "Who, 
exactly, would not have the surname 'Smith'?".

> I encounter HTML documents all the time with custom elements in them; 
> would such elements be required to be in that namespace? As a facetious 
> example, <DIV><MARQUEE>hello</MARQUEE></DIV> ... would both the DIV and 
> the MARQUEE be in the XHTML namespace?


> What if there are explicit namespace declarations?

text/html doesn't use explicit namespace declarations as currently 

> What if there's an XML DTD overriding the namespaces?

The XML and XMLNS specifications fully define what elementt end up in what 
namespace in XML documents.

> Does the parser type (HTML, XML) make a diference?


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