Re: Information access for all : img, object and @alt

Olivier GENDRIN: 
>I'm wondering why we have so passionate discussions about img and
>@alt, and none about the alternatives of object, audio, video.

These elements only have two choices for the author (as for img
too in HTML4/XHTML). Therefore indeed it is surprising, why the
there should be a third possibility for img in HTML5.
If the author provides no alternative content within the element, it
is simply decorative and provides no further information, else
the author will surely add (text) alternatives inside such elements
to indicate another function somehow.

Currently in many use cases such elements are simply empty, 
indicating the decorative function of the referenced files (often
this is the case for referenced flash files for example).

Having the same model for img simply means to use alt=""
for decorative functions and some useful alternative text
as a value for the alt attribut else.

Received on Tuesday, 6 May 2008 15:24:07 UTC