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Thanks for this! I think this further reinforces my previous comment that to fully live up to this goal is going to require ripping out a lot of stuff from the spec that we've just "assumed" belongs there because it is "common practice". The sad truth is, "common practice" is significantly less accessible to users in 2008 than it was in 1998, let alone 1993. Every tag that supports non-text content or allows non-ASCII input (such as reacting to mouse clicks) erodes the accessibility. So we either need to drop this clause from the charter, or we need to cease the support for "current practice".


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>  i) Is mandating accessibility a goal of the HTML 5 spec?

>From the HTML Working Group Charter:
"The HTML Working Group will cooperate with the Web Accessibility
Initiative to ensure that the deliverables will satisfy accessibility
requirements. Coordination with WAI will be primarily conducted
through the Protocol and Formats Working Group, but direct
coordination with other WAI groups, such as Web Content Accessibility
Guidelines Working Group and User Agent Accessibility Guidelines
Working Group, will also be done when appropriate."

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