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Re: alt crazyness (Re: alt and authoring practices)

From: Smylers <Smylers@stripey.com>
Date: Sun, 4 May 2008 03:18:22 +0100
To: "public-html@w3.org" <public-html@w3.org>
Message-ID: <20080504021822.GG11992@stripey.com>

Leif Halvard Silli writes:

> I think we can solve this issue satisfyingly, for all parts and
> partners, simply by specifying the following 2 lines:
> ęShould the author fail to insert an alt attribute, then an image
> analysis tool steps in and analyses the image on behalf of the author,
> and insert the image analysis as alt text. 

Why would authors' image analysis tools be superior to that of users (in
particular, of users who routineless browse without images)?  Especially
if several years ellapse between the publication of the webpage and it
being browsed by an image-less user.

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