Re: alt crazyness (Re: alt and authoring practices)

On Sat, May 3, 2008 at 3:44 PM, Smylers <> wrote:
>  Olivier GENDRIN writes:
>  > And the content would be tainted by the result of the image analysis.
>  > A single image can have thousands of meanings, which one will choose
>  > the image analysis? Will it have also to analyse the context to guess
>  > a probable meaning ?
>  Sure, that's unfortunate.  But we're in a situation where that data
>  simply doesn't exist; it's far from ideal, but it happens.  The HTML 5
>  spec can't magic that data out of nowhere, so heuristics are the best
>  that can be done.
>  The only questions are where's the best place to perform those
>  heuristics, and should pages which require such heuristics be deemed
>  valid webpages/

Let's imagine a situation : i'm blind and i'm reading a contract to
buy something. In that online contract, there is an image conveying an
important information that misses @alt. The heuristic of my UA leads
to understand something completly wrong, that leads my company to
loose an important amount of money.

Who will I suit ?

Olivier G.

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