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> Jeff Schiller:
>> I may be out of my league here or missing something, but the SVG nodes
>> implement the SVGElement interface (
>> which extends the DOM2 Element interface (
> And no node of type DOCUMENT_NODE is inserted into the tree, like with
> IE’s XML data islands.

I think this was reasonably clear from the proposal[1], but yes, clarifying that there will be no extra DOCUMENT_NODE node(s) inserted might be a good idea.

What namespace an element has, and how they are inserted is described in the proposal in the following places:

>From [3]: 
"When the steps below require the UA to insert a foreign element for a token, the UA must first create an element for the token in the given namespace, and then append this node to the current node, and push it onto the stack of open elements so that it is the new current node."

>From [2]:
"Let the XML parser attempt to parse and insert the foreign element. The namespace of the foreign element shall be decided by following namespaces in XML [XMLNS]."


[1] (second paragraph)

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