Re: Image/Video/Audio Metadata (an alternative perspective of alt text)

Lee Kowalkowski wrote:
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>     Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
>         ... I currently include this in the ALT text with the hope that
>         it is displayed in the mouseover.
>     ... And the specification does not sanction for the display of alt
>     content in this fashion.
> So?  I'm actually thankful for the UAs that do this.  Countless times 
> I've understood the alt text more than a tiny or 'artistic' icon that I 
> can hardly tell what it supposed to be.  Using the alt attribute content 
> as a fallback for no title attribute is an excellent idea.

Well, feel free to argue it with the editor.  I'm not particularly 
interested in rehashing again the idea that there should be a sanctioned 
means to present both the image and its alternative text simultaneously.

> Looking at most application toolbars, I consider a tooltip a replacement 
> for an icon, regardless of whether the image is 'available', so I 
> wouldn't say this wasn't following the specification.
> I don't think the specification does or can sanction any particular 
> fashion of displaying alt content or mandate how the UA should generate 
> tooltips.

I believe the issue would be whether or not to generate a tooltip, not 
the generation method.

Bill Mason
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