Re: Image/Video/Audio Metadata (an alternative perspective of alt text)

 On 19/04/2008, Bill Mason <> wrote:
> Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
> >
> > ... I currently include this in the ALT text with the hope that it is
> > displayed in the mouseover.
> ... And the specification does not sanction for the display of alt content
> in this fashion.

So?  I'm actually thankful for the UAs that do this.  Countless times
I've understood the alt text more than a tiny or 'artistic' icon that I can
hardly tell what it supposed to be.  Using the alt attribute content as a
fallback for no title attribute is an excellent idea.

Looking at most application toolbars, I consider a tooltip a replacement
for an icon, regardless of whether the image is 'available', so I wouldn't
say this wasn't following the specification.

I don't think the specification does or can sanction any particular fashion
of displaying alt content or mandate how the UA should generate tooltips.


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