RE: Request for review of alt and alt value for authoring or publishing tools

(Against my better judgment)

Ian Hickson wrote:
> What we really want here is:
>    My First Border Crossing... Welcome to Nevada
>    [UA-specific image indicator]
>    Crossing from California to Nevada on the motorcycle - gotta stop
>    for the photo-op
> ...which is why we need a way to flag images that are neither
> decorative nor have any useful alternative text.
> I'm not honestly convinced that there is _any_ alternative text that
> would be useful beyond your captions on any of these images, or,
> frankly, most images on Flickr.

alt="Me posing with my motorcycle at the border crossing, Welcome sign and
mountains in the background"

...and since we've now publicly discussed 2 of the whopping 4 images on my
public Flickr site, let's put to rest what alt text I would have provided
*IF* Flickr allowed me to do so for the other 2:

Getting Ready II - Alt="Me standing behind my motorcycle getting ready to

4th of July - alt="Me posing with three cute blondes dressed in Red, White
and Blue"

(Interesting factoid for the world - my 4 image Flickr site is apparently
important enough to be discussed on the WHATWG cabal IRC channel)

>> PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> Of course they're not. I didn't say they were. 

You wrote:
"And if _you_, an accessibility expert who cares about blind people, don't 
bother to include descriptions of photos you upload to Flickr, how can we 
possibly expect Random Joe User, who frankly _doesn't_ care about blind 
users, to write descriptions for Flickr to include?"

I see the word "blind" twice in that sentence, so readers can draw their own
conclusions regarding what you said or did not say, meant and did not mean.


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