Re: SVG in text/html

On Tue, 15 Apr 2008, Andrew Emmons wrote:
> While it is encouraging that SVG in text/html is being discussed[1], we 
> feel that the proposal tries to change the SVG syntax in a way that is 
> incompatible with all implementations to date.  We feel that such change 
> is outside of the HTML Working Group's charter and request that it be 
> removed from the text/html specification pending further research into 
> proposed solutions, in order to avoid premature implementation.

I have removed SVG support from the HTML parser specification as per your 
request. (I have left MathML support in the specification.)

> We are happy to make rapid progress on allowing SVG in text/html while 
> maximizing compatibility with the wide range of deployed SVG authoring 
> tools and renderers.

I look forward to your proposals. Please provide extremely detailed 
proposals that leave no room for ambiguity; many of the proposals that I 
studied in coming up with the current text were very vague and didn't 
actually stand up to close scrutiny. Proposals should be written in terms 
of the HTML parser model if at all possible. Please also note that we are 
heavily constrained by existing legacy markup and implementations, as well 
as by the somewhat unintuitive behaviour of Web authors. In developing the 
current text I considered a great deal of possible options, and could not 
find one more compatible with existing SVG UAs that still fit in the 
aforementioned constraints.

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