Propose adoption of the term "text alternative" (as defined in WCAG 2.0) in HTML5

Currently the HTML5 specification does not define what a "text
alternative" for a non text objects is.

A text alternative (for an image) is referred to at times as:

"lesser textual version"
"The text"
A "rephrasing ... in prose form"
"alternative text"
"textual replacement"
"text label"
"text that conveys the same meaning"
"equivalent textual label "
"text that conveys can serve as a substitute"

The nearest to a definition for text alternative that is provided is:

"It is important to realise that the alternative text is a replacement
for the image, not a description of the image."

In order to clarify normative and informative statements in HTML5 in
relation to text alternatives, it is proposed that the WCAG 2.0
definition [1] be adopted and that statements contained within the
HTML5 specification be modified to provide  statements consistent with
this definition and it's supporting documentation[2].


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Steve Faulkner
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Received on Tuesday, 15 April 2008 17:37:29 UTC