Re: Discussing ARIA in HTML5 integration

Henri Sivonen wrote:

>> we spent almost 45 minutes on the HTML WG call on this specific topic,
>> in an attempt (at least on my part) to clear some basic misconceptions
>> as to:
> [...]
> Even if there had been one more participant on the call, there'd still 
> have been hundreds of HTML WG participants whose [presumed] 
> misconceptions would not have been cleared. Hopefully clearing the 
> misconceptions on the mailing list(s) has a better reach.

As a concrete example of this, my name came up in the last telecon as someone 
who, apparently, has misconceptions about aria. Since I unfortunately am not 
able to attend the telecons in general, I'm not sure what the misconception 
being referred to was, much less where my understanding went wrong. Perhaps you 
already addressed this in an earlier email; in that case it would be helpful if 
you could provide a pointer to the email in question.

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