Re: several messages about New Vocabularies in text/html

   Besides, font support for U+027E8 MATHEMATICAL LEFT ANGLE BRACKET  
   seems to be rather poor at the moment - on my machine, there is only  
   one font that has it.

This is always a major consideration (and a major cause of difference
between the mathml set and for example unicode/stix. When designing
unicode n (for some n bigger than 3) or a specific new font set such as
stix,  it makes a lot of sense to recommend use of a particular (new)
slot. But that doesn't necessarily mean that existing entity names should
be remapped to the new slots as it can take  decades for installed font
sets to catch up.  It doesn't necessarily mean that mappings should ever
change, but each character needs to be considered individually.

Hopefully font sets such as stix will mean that it is easy (and free)
to get basic default coverage of all these "new" unicode 3.x
characracters at the font level, so perhaps it does now make sense to
be braver about changing some existing entity mappings, although I must
admit my working assumption had been  that the html mappings were
unchangeable (even though they are "inconvenient"  in lots of places).


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