Re: Point of Extensibility

Doug Schepers wrote:
> This is the approach I've taken with the SVG proposal [1], which I've 
> extended to address MathML.  It could use more critique and more 
> details.  Everyone should feel free to pitch in.  Ian has said he'd like 
> to close this issue by Friday, so help from those conversant in the 
> parsing and
> [1]

Thanks for the pointer / reminder.

The <ext> proposal looks promising to me.

Looking at:

"The <ext> element could potentially be an implicit element, generated 
by the HTML5 parser on encountering a start tag of e.g. "<svg " or 
"<math "."

How about stating that any element with an attribute "xmlns", being set 
to something different from "" or the XHTML namespace name, implies <ext>?

That would make the approach generic.

BR, Julian

Received on Tuesday, 1 April 2008 18:30:34 UTC