Re: Proposal for Keyboard Shortcuts for HTML5

At 14:33 +0200 UTC, on 2007-09-22, Charles McCathieNevile wrote:

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> Given that nearly all browsers provide no way at all to discover that
> there are accesskeys (even when they implement them in a way that lets
> them hijack the standard UI) I think the 2% figure is surprisingly high.

Indeed. Note also that some Automated Web Authoring Tools generate
@accesskeys. No doubt that notably ups such numbers.
- The default template of CMSMadeSimple contains accesskeys for "skip to
content" and "skip to navigation", for example.
- The default template of Dokuwiki contains lots of accesskeys for common
navigative elements like go to home page; create page; show old revisions;
show recent changes; search; go to index; etc.
- Both FCKEditor and TinyMCE let authors enter accesskey values when creating
links. (However, TinyMCE happily swallows multiple characters. At least in
the version I tried.)


>> Since the legal values, expected behavior, and set of elements where it
>> would be allowed are all different, I don't think reusing the name would
>> provide compatibility with the web.
> For the case where you come up with only one value it seems to provide
> compatibility. For the case where you decide you want two or more, I agree
> - but then it is currently undefined what happens in that case, which
> seems to apply to a bit less than 0.02% of the web, and it would be
> helpful to specify the error handling.

Note that iCab doesn't choke on multiple characters in @accesskey. It accepts
the first character and ignores the rest. So allowing a list of accesskeys
would be backwards compatible with at least one UA. (I haven't tested others.)


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