Re: Web Forms 2 input type=email (was Re: autosubmit)

Hello Maurice!

Le Wed, 12 Sep 2007 20:41:34 +0300, Maurice Carey  
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> On 9/12/07 12:36 PM, "Mihai Sucan" <> wrote:
>> Hopefully some suggestions will still be taken into consideration. Like
>> ... input type=emails (because input type=email is too useless, *cough*
>> too ... limited). :)
> Why do you say that?

I want suggestions to be taken into consideration for HTML 5 spec, even if  
WF2 will be folded into the spec. WF2 can stay the same, but it's not  
perfect and making improvements to it within the HTML 5 spec seems to be a  
really good opportunity. It's "natural" to start the work from WF2 in HTML  
5, but that shouldn't stop just at folding the spec in.

As for the input type=email: I believe it has a very limited set of  
use-cases. The best place where web developers could have benefited from  
the usage of input type=email was omitted: web mail clients. Now we are  
stuck with a simple input type=email which is only usable in simple  
contact forms, where the author has a single "from email address" field.  
Another simple use-case is for newsletter/mailing-list subscription forms.  
This issue has been previously discussed on the WHATWG list, however I  
maintain my stance. [1] [2]



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