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User Testing footage of header/id combinations, @summary and @longdesc for HTML5 WG

From: Joshue O Connor <joshue.oconnor@cfit.ie>
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2007 15:43:51 +0100
Message-ID: <46DD6F27.6070608@cfit.ie>
To: HTML WG <public-html@w3.org>, wai-xtech@w3.org
Cc: WebAIM Discussion List <webaim-forum@list.webaim.org>

I am making available to the HTML 5 WG the following user testing
footage of header/id combinations, @summary and @longdesc in use by a
blind power screen reader user. Each of the videos demonstrates these
methods/attributes in current use with commentary and discussion on
each. This footage should be useful for anyone interested in how these
features are really helpful for people with disabilities. The videos can
also be used as a point of reference in future discussion.   I am
presenting them to the group so they will hopefully find them
enlightening and act as a record of the usefulness of all of these
features. The tests are using JAWS 7 on Win XP SP2.

Each test has been divided into several clips and can also be downloaded
in its entirety, should you prefer, from the following directory [1].
However dividing the tests into clips makes the files smaller and the
issues/areas discussed easier to track. The clips are in Windows Media
.WMV format, and contain roughly the following content.

*HTML5 WG header/id test Video:Table 1 [20.5 Mbs]*

Basic Table Navigation: How screen reader users interrogate tables using
Exploring headers

*HTML5 WG header/id test Video: Table 2 [9.5 Mbs]*

Tester observes peculiarity of how some numeric content is outputted.

*HTML5 WG header/id test Video: Table 3 [10.2 Mbs]*

More table exploration

*HTML5 WG header/id test Video: Table 4 [8.1 Mbs]*

Discussion on the importance of semantic markup

*HTML5 WG header/id test Video: Table 5 [9.6 Mbs]*

Use of id/headers, axis.
Discussion of @summary

*HTML5 WG header/id test Video: Table 6 [4.3 Mbs]*

*HTML5 WG @Longdesc test Video: Longdesc_IDC [29.5 Mbs]*

Discussion of Virtual Viewer
Use of longdesc description to enhance spacial awareness
The longdesc attribute:Who uses it?

*HTML5 WG @Longdesc test Video: Longdesc_Boxmodel [15.2 Mbs]*

Using the D link
Using the title attribute. Does it work?
Using Lynx
Future implementations of @longdesc
DOM Insertion
Use of virtual buffer vs DOM Insertion
Mainstreaming accessibility features. How can other users be served by
features implemented for people with disabilities?

*HTML5 WG @Longdesc test Video: Longdesc_Node [3.3 Mbs]*

Values of @longdesc for explaining complex ideas portrayed by
graphics/images and other uses.

*HTML5 WG @Longdesc test Video: Longdesc_french [3.9 Mbs]*

Use of @longdesc

*HTML5 WG @Longdesc test Video: Longdesc_block [5.7 Mbs]*

More @longdesc examples

*HTML5 WG @Summary test Video: Summary [61.4 Mbs]*

Use of virtualisation features of JAWS
How @summary is used
Tables in the wild
Using JAWS scripts to annotate content
Authors and @summary
Is @summary useful and to whom?
Other features of accessible tables.

I hope that the group find this footage useful and that it helps to
inform some of the debate and discussion around accessibility within the
HTML5 WG. Feedback is very welcome.


[1] http://www.cfit.ie/html5_video/final/
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