Re: SURVEY: Accept requirement for immediate mode graphics a la canvas element?

2007/11/30, Dr. Olaf Hoffmann:
> Alternatively the 'functionality' of canvas could be integrated into the img
> element - seems to be a raster image format too, therefore this fits somehow
> together and does not require yet another element for the same type of
> graphics. Else, without scripting support or without activated scripting,
> canvas seems to be empty or presumably decorative or can be replaced
> with other arbitrary elements like div maybe or span.

When scripting is disabled (or when there is no scripting support at
all), <canvas> should "fallback" to its content (because the whole
point of <canvas> is to be scripted).

If you integrate the canvas API to <img>, you don't have such a
fallback mechanism (except the image referenced by the src attribute;
or eventually the alt text if you're also in the case where images are
disabled / there's no support for images at all).

(note: the same kind of rationale also applies to the video and audio
elements: I could disable audio and thus be given the "fallback"
content, without at the same time disabling video, and without having
the browser resort to some heuristics –e.g. on the content type, but
that might not always be feasible– as would be the case with using the
more general <object>)

Thomas Broyer

Received on Friday, 30 November 2007 15:31:08 UTC