Re: ISSUE-20 (table-headers): Improvements to the table-headers algorithm in the HTML 5 spec [HTML 5 spec]

Ben 'Cerbera' Millard wrote:
> I have updated the second URL slightly:
> * Fixed some typos and punctuation.
> * Split some long sentences into lists.
> * Linked a couple of references.
> * Added my name to the attendees list.
> I think the content says the same thing as before. Hopefully it's a 
> bit easier to read now.
One point that is not mentioned there is i18n issues affecting tables. 
In particular it would be nice if we had some information on the way 
that data tables are typically set up in non-western cultures. It is 
easy to imagine that demographics that typically use vertical writing 
systems might arrange tables differently to demographics that 
predominantly use horizontal writing systems, for example. If anyone has 
any insight into whether such differences exist I would be delighted to 
hear about it.

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