Re: Spec for email addresses with IDNs?

Henri Sivonen wrote:
> According to and 
>, RFC 2368 (mailto: URI scheme) and 
> RFC 2822 (email addresses among other things) have neither been 
> obsoleted nor updated.
> It seems to me that this leaves email addresses with IDNs and mailto: as 
> an IRI scheme undefined. Web Form 2.0 allows IDNs in <input 
> type='email'>. Moreover, I think mailto: as an IRI scheme should be 
> defined in an IDN-aware such a way that the host part of an email 
> address would get the Punycode to ASCII treatment instead of the percent 
> escaping treatment.
> Are there upcoming drafts that I'm unaware of that define these things 
> properly or is everyone just supposed to infer the right updates to the 
> old specs?

It may be part of what the EAI working group is doing: 

BR, Julian

Received on Thursday, 22 November 2007 21:13:25 UTC