Re: SURVEY: Accept requirement for immediate mode graphics a la canvas element? (timestamps)

I don't think this addresses my concerns at
all, Dan.  If I'm asked to vote on a question
Q, and my answer is recorded, and subsequently
someone amends Q to read Q', then my vote is
recorded against a question that I did not answer.

If it is within the remit of those creating W3C
questionnaires to amend the question(s) after the
first answer has been recorded, then either all 
pre-existing answers should automatically be removed 
(and the respondents notified), or each answer 
should be permalinked /within the questionnaire  
database itself/ to the question as posed when answered. 

Telling me that I may archive my answer in my own mailbox, 
or at, does not
in any way address my concerns about the procedural
issues involved.

Dan Connolly wrote:

> Note the option to "Send a copy of these answers to my email
> address ..." and "Also send a copy of these answers to
> " at the bottom of
> I think it addresses that process concern.
> And in case someone doesn't check those options but it
> turns out to matter a lot when they answered the question,
> I'm sure we have SQL server logs somewhere.

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