Re: Proposal for developing HTML 5 materials for Web *authors*

I really don't think finding volunteers is that big of an issue.

Well from Karl's e-mail and presentation at the f2f, i'd assume he's interested in helping drive some work with this. (@Karl, safe assumption?)  From his e-mail, it sounds like Roger Johansson is interested. At the F2F, Molly Holzschlag, fantasai, and I all said we'd be willing to help.  

Isn't there a task survey?  I'm sure that it could be a source of identifying more people who'd be willing to help with this.  

If we made the outreach materials with a wiki, it'd lower the barrier to  entry for participating and help to garner community involvement.

It'd be good for the outreach team to be really familiar with but not so intimately tied to the spec.  They need to be able to understand the language that people use outside of the W3C and browser community.

Also... if it's a subset of the WG that regularly reports back to the bigger WG, there is a better chance of getting things done and not getting stuck in debate.

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On Wed, 21 Nov 2007 15:47:21 +0100, Justin Thorp <> wrote:
> I haven't heard anyone say that we don't need materials for HTML5 Web  
> authors.
> So instead of just debating the details, how do we get this ball  
> rolling?  What is the process for getting this task force started?
> Over in WAI, when we do task forces, we usually work up some type of  
> task force statement that includes things like objectives, communication  
> methods, and participation expectations.  The task force work statement  
> is then approved by the WG.
> I'd be happy to help draft something.

I wonder if we really need a Task Force for this. So far nobody other than  
Hixie and I have drafted introductory documents to HTML 5. It seems that  
volunteers to do such a thing need to be found first. And not just  
volunteers, people who actually will drive the work and ideally are  
working on such a document already.

Anne van Kesteren

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