Re: Charmod NONconformance and superset encodings

On Tue, 20 Nov 2007, Martin Duerst wrote:
> > 
> >   <Hixie> When a user agent would otherwise use the ISO-8859-1
> >   encoding, it must instead use the Windows-1252 encoding."
> >
> >   Henri: that part is a violation of charmod
> I strongly agree.

I agree as well.

> >   ... We're not proposing a substantive change, just providing more
> >   justification for what you're doing.
> I very much hope this gets reexamined. There may be various ways to work 
> this out, but just claiming that there is no violation of Charmod in 
> this case is a very bad start.

I agree. I've updated the spec to explicitly state that this is a known 
violation of CHARMOD.

> I have looked at the minutes of your recent meeting. There are a couple 
> topics I want to comment on, I have created separate threads for them.

I didn't see anything that required spec changes in the other threads so I 
haven't replied to those. Please let me know if you see anything in the 
HTML5 spec that needs correcting!

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