Fw: Identifying people at November 2007 meeting

James Graham wrote:
> I'm pretty sure meeting people at the f2f won't be a problem. However if 
> you want photos, a flickr search works surprisingly well for many people; 
> I found photos of (search terms in brackets) myself (jgraham)*, Ian 
> Hickson (hixie), Henri Sivonen (hsivonen), Anne (annevankesteren), Dan 
> Connolly (Dan Connolly) and Gregory Rosmaita (Rosmaita) and Karl Dubost 
> (karl dubost) in a quick test of this method.

This technique worked very well for me. I printed out the photos I found and 
carried them around with me throughout the event.

With this piece of paper I was able to recognise Henri Sivonen and we walked 
the Freedom Trail around Boston. Before that, I was wandering around the 
hotel by myself and feeling rather lonely.

Ben 'Cerbera' Millard
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Received on Saturday, 17 November 2007 00:40:21 UTC