contenteditable and designMode

Having contenteditable (shipped by MSFT almost ten years
ago right ?) and designMode in HTML 5 is a real pleasure.

But that's really a 1998 thing being finally put into the
standard, not a 2007 solution. I think the interactions between
designMode and contenteditable values have to be better documented
and have to be extended. In particular, I would like to have
the possibility to have the following

    <html designMode="on">
      <p contenteditable="false">bla</p>

In such a document, a visual browser would disable content editing
in the paragraph holding contenteditable="false".

Why do I want that ? Think corporate document templates where some
elements are editable and some others are not. I can already hear
some of you answer "then use multiple contenteditable attributes".
No thanks. Having an editor and an editing context instantiated
per element holding contenteditable="true" is far too expensive.

I would also be able to specify an element is not removable, I already
sent a message about it in the early days of the what-wg IIRC.


Received on Tuesday, 13 November 2007 09:36:15 UTC