Re: Feedback on the ping="" attribute (ISSUE-1)

Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> ...
> All else being equal, yes.  But letting theoretical purity 
> considerations stand in the way of something useful when the purity is 
> already being violated in the real world right and left seems a little 
> odd to me...
> Of course maybe you have a counterproposal that satisfies you, and I 
> just missed it.  Is that the case?
> ...

I currently don't have a good proposal.

What I'm asking for is:

a) that FF3 does not ship with this feature being turned on, unless it 
implements the current "should"-level requirement with respect to the UI,

b) that the HTML-WG considers not using POST for now.

Of course the more general question is whether the HTML5 spec is the 
right place for this kind of controversial experimentation.

BR, Julian

PS: with respect to b), another argument against the current way POST is 
used is that the HTTP message is not self-descriptive, so minimally a 
MIME type should be defined (which would also open the possibility to 
send the link target in the body).

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