Re: SQL API -- named arguments

On Wed, 31 Oct 2007, Jim Jewett wrote:
> The API supports only positional replacements, such as
> "select a, b from mytable where c='?' and d>'?'", [4, 5]
> Should there be some support for named replacements, like
> "select a, b from mytable where c='?val1' and d>'?val2'", {val1: 4, 
> val2: 5}
> Note that this works more easily if there is some sort of limit on what 
> can replace a '?', so that it is possible to take anything next to it 
> (until whitespace or punctuation) as a name, rather than a literal.

I think we should probably wait until the next version before extending 
this API, but I agree that this would be an interesting direction to go in.

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