Drawing agenda item for TPAC Re: some review of HTML 5 charset details w.r.t. W3C Character Model

[proposal] for Chris and Dan for TPAC

James Graham (1 nov. 2007 - 09:18) :
>> In, I have no idea what's the reason or purpose of point 1,
>> which reads "If the new encoding is UTF-16, change it to UTF-8.".
>> I suspect some misunderstanding.
> AIUI, the section is only invoked if a <meta charset=""> or  
> <meta content=""> attribute is found that specifies an encoding  
> that is different from the encoding that has been used to parse the  
> file to this point /and/ the encoding that has been used thus far  
> has come from one of the sources which provide "tentative"  
> character encodings (in order):

loooooong sentences carrying if, and, thenů
I wonder if on the non-agenda of the un-meeting of HTML WG, we should  
have a drawing session.
That could be fun.

* Remove shoes (please have clean feet ;) )
* Having large piece of papers
* put the first one on the ground
* Start to draw "Hey I'm a user agent". I have this URI what do I do?
* Then start to draw each steps of the parsing/processing algorithm  
with arrows and boxes

When we are going out of a sheet, we duct tape another one beside,  
and so on.
At the end we will have a giant *visual* diagram of the parsing  

That might help to see ambiguities, and help implementers to  
understand the algorithm.

I volunteer to make it a graph in a machine readable format after

Karl Dubost - W3C
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