Re: SURVEY: Release "HTML 5 differences from HTML 4" as a W3C Working Draft? formal decision

On Thu, 28 Jun 2007 22:29:31 +0200, Adam Nash <> wrote:
> On Tuesday 26 June 2007 01:09 pm, Dan Connolly wrote:
>> Shall we release HTML 5 differences from HTML 4 as a W3C Working Draft?
>> Specifically, version 1.25 2007/06/25 14:50:30 plus any
>> publication-related changes (e.g. status section, typos, broken links)
> Section 2, third paragraph.  This sentence is missing the word "with".
> "This syntax is compatible XHTML1 documents and XHTML1 implementations."

Fixed (local copy).

> In the same section, I would suggest adding to the two syntax examples an
> instance of an empty element, say, <img>.  This would demonstrate the XML
> empty-element syntax, which isn't used in the HTML syntax (at least, I  
> assume the syntaxes work like that).


   1. <br>, <br/> and <br /> are all legal in the HTML syntax of HTML5 as  
      as the element is a "void element";

   2. The <meta> element uses your suggested syntax already.

> This second suggestion is probably more substantive than  
> "publication-related
> changes" but I do not object to publishing the draft without the change.

Anne van Kesteren

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