Re: SURVEY: Release "HTML 5 differences from HTML 4" as a W3C Working Draft? formal decision

Le 28 juin 2007 à 03:21, Robert Burns a écrit :
> I think this speaks to why we're not ready to release something  
> form the WG. This document reflects the diligent work of the  
> WhatWG. And it has already been published by the WhatWG. Publishing  
> it again from this WG suggests that this WG has had a hand in  
> making it. Nothing could be further from the truth. To the audience  
> we publish this to it will simply look like we're rubber stamping  
> the WhatWG.

It is a first Working Draft, the status section says it.  It is not  
the final document.
When a first document is published it can be done by input of  
different documents and sources. It is usually good to do this for  
starting the work.

Another fact having a less variable (cvs versus TR) version of  
documents at work will help some of the communities who will read  
them. It will be easier to review these documents.

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