Re: difference between @alt and @title

At 16:07 -0500 UTC, on 2007-06-26, Robert Burns wrote:

> On Jun 26, 2007, at 3:33 PM, Monika Trebo wrote:
>> ... difference between @alt and @title


> What's your view on the issue of adding @alt to the other embedded
> content elements (<object>, <video>, <audio>, etc.).

<object>, <video>, <audio> are contrainers. The only reason <img> has an alt
attribute is that it needs one because, unfortunately, it is not a container.

> It strikes me
> that the same usefulness that @alt brings to <img> it would also
> bring to these other elements.

How? Why would <video alt="textual alternative"/> be more useful than
<video>textual alternative</video>?

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