Re: addition or subtrraction? [was Re: dropping longdesc attribute]

> Elsewhere on the survey page we see:
> 'A "no" vote in this survey is a formal objection.'
>  --
> So each of the 'no' votes is a formal objection.

Thanks. What seems to be confusing is that in the W3C Process Document it says:

"In the W3C process, an individual may register a Formal Objection to
a decision. A Formal Objection to a group decision is one that the
reviewer requests that the Director consider as part of evaluating the
related decision (e.g., in response to a request to advance a
technical report). Note: In this document, the term "Formal Objection"
is used to emphasize this process implication: Formal Objections
receive Director consideration. The word "objection" used alone has
ordinary English connotations." [1]

For clarification, does the above statement apply to the 4 'no' votes?
Did the Director give the 4 'no' votes due consideration or is the
passage above superceded by the WG charter statement that you cited
[2] so that the power of consideration is relegated to the HTML5 WG
Chairs? Or maybe the 'no' voters would have had to register (in some
other manner) a formal request to have Director consideration?

Thanks again.

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Laura L. Carlson

Received on Tuesday, 26 June 2007 17:02:52 UTC