Re: [A11y] requiring alt Re: fear of "invisible metadata"

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> it IS an authoring problem -- you can only describe the photo with a
> long description -- a caption does not a long description make; a
> long description makes sense out of the purely visual elements on
> the page -- not just "Maciej Crossing the North Sea", but a description
> of your physical characteristics, the type of boat you are travelling in,
> the color and tenor of the sky and sea, etc.

It's just not practical for most people to write all that.
Especially considering the fact that in the coming years the majority of
content on the web will be added by people with no html knowledge at all.
Yes they are the suppliers of content but they are not html authors. Even
when provided the ability to add a longdesc for every image, few if any

... I don't use it. None of my clients will. But if the academics need it
then leave it in. 
It won't "break the web" to leave it in.

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