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On 6/23/07 6:55 PM, "Craig Francis" <> wrote:

> I would have thought that anyone who knows how to use the @style
> attribute will know about external style sheets, and therefore know
> that they should be used to hold most of the rules.

Lol, you thought wrong.

But I agree with you. I'd drop the <font> tag totally. Of course the
browsers will still support it but the W3C should not condone it.
And after seeing things like firebug and
I don't think we need to put all this effort into wysiwyg.
It would appear to be child's play to just wrap the selected text in a div
or span with the appropriate class value as defined by the creator of the

> A site I was working on a while back faded the background colour from
> black to white depending on the time of day... taking that the CSS
> files are cached, it made sense to add a @style attribute on the
> <body> tag to set the background colour... do I take it that I will
> now need to add 100 or so classed to a pre-made style sheet, and then
> set the class on the body tag?

I read somewhere on the list that support in javascript was
being removed. I hope this isn't the case because I was going to suggest you
do this using javascript, that way the colors can adjust based on the local
time of the user's system and not the time on your server.

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