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>> when you need to read someone else's HTML, seeing
>> <a> doesn't exactly immediately make you realise that it means <span>.
> That's beside the point as <a> does not mean the same thing as
> <span>.

Says who? In <> Simon
said "We can define the semantics for elements." In
Ben Boyle says that in XHTML2 <a> is identical in semantics to the span


> The current draft of the spec provides an example of where this would
> be useful. The reference links currently have gibberish in their
> @href because the section they point to does not yet exist. Where a
> link placeholder element available, the UA would not lie to the user
> (implying a non-existent resource exists) and the HTML source would
> still indicate that the references are intended to be links.

Interesting point. I'll admit this might indeed be a valid use case.

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