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[replacing img with a proper container, for richer fallback]

>> And the spec's definition of <object> is rocket science to most authors.
> Not really. <img src=foo alt=fallback> -> <object
> data=foo>fallback</object>

Try to read the definition for <object> as if you're an average web publisher
and have never heard of it before. You'll get lost in a truckload of
attributes and sub elements and their attributes, and nowhere do you get a
clear hint that any of it can and is allowed to be used for images.

Talk with web publishers. Most do not understand <object> at all.


> Now "<image>" is parsed as if it were "<img>" in browsers (and per HTML5).

Why was it given up on?

> So <image> can't be used.

Well, then perhaps <picture>fallback<picture>, or <pic>fallback</pic>, for
less typing ;)

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