A couple of HTML5 editorial comments

Just a couple of editorial comments as I was browsing the spec
(originally mentioned in

In 4.1 “Browsing Contexts”, one of the green notes has a [DOM3VIEWS]
reference, but that should probably be [DOM2VIEWS].

In 4.1.4 “Threads”, there’s a sentence

  The transitive closure of all the browsing contexts that are directly
  reachable browsing contexts consists of a unit of related browsing

which i think should be s/consists of/forms/ or something like that.
That, or switch the subject and object of the sentence around.

In 4.2.3 “APIs for creating and navigating browsing contexts by name”,
the link in the note at the end would be better with the text “is
unset” rather than “gets reset”, to bring it in line with the wording
from the section linked to.



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