Re: dropping longdesc attribute

>That decision is not up to me.

Well as one who does have access by request and it appears to have
an ear of the decision maker "The omniscient Hixie", why not in the interest
of fairness and transparency, seek to make have
this data available? As (private)
 data of this type appears to be published only to support particular
view points

On 23/06/07, Lachlan Hunt <> wrote:
> Steven Faulkner wrote:
> > Why is it that you have access to data ((Source: Unpublished Google
> > internal survey of several billion pages conducted in September 2006.)
> > from an unpublished survey that you can quote seletively...
> The omniscient Hixie provides the answers to my questions.
> > Why not provide access to the data to all members of the working group
> > rather than pulling out selective results to benefit a particular
> argument?
> That decision is not up to me.
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> Lachlan Hunt

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