Re: HTML 5 removed "numeric character reference" term - why?

Simon Pieters wrote:
> In my experience with discussing with authors, the most common name to 
> refer to all three types of character escapes is "entities". The 
> qualified de facto names are "named entities", "decimal entities", and 
> "hexadecimal entities".

I object to the use of the term entities on the grounds that entities 
are very specific things in SGML and XML, and they are still used for 
XML today.  I don't think the spec should promote the misuse of terms.

I think all 3 types should be called character references.  If there is 
a need to distinguish between them, then you qualify the terms using 
using the appropriate prefix from this list:

* Character Reference (all types)
   * Named Character Reference ( )
   * Numeric Character Reference (both types)
     - Hex Character Reference ( )
     - Decimal Character Reference ( )

Lachlan Hunt

Received on Friday, 22 June 2007 12:25:37 UTC