Re: [Spam] Re: More on <CAPTION> element etc

On 6/22/07, Maurice Carey <> wrote:
> Or we can just wrap the <table> and <caption> in a <figure> tag and the User
> Agents be updated to know to always say the <caption> value before whatever
> else is in the figure.

<caption> belongs inside of <table> so that's already catered for.
<figure> might be a good way of associating extra descriptions with
the table, rather than interfering with the established use of

> Would be nice if the user agents could automate the numbering of figures or
> if it could be accomplished in CSS.

The CSS part is done:
It's not implemented widely enough to be reliable yet (imo).
(search page for "counter")

> For those of you who don't already do this, you should always look at a well
> designed Book whenever you've got some HTML or CSS thoughts bouncing around
> in your head that you can't make up your mind about.
> I'm sure a good Book had something to do with the choice of keeping <hr />
> :)

Agreed. If you can get your hands on a good "manual of style" they're
very helpful too!

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