Re: Horizontal menu-2

Good day, Thomas.
Excuse me for a long break.

>> <select text="Name of part1 of site">
>>   <option value="">Part1.1</option>
>>   ...
>> </select>
>> <select text="Name of part2 of site">
>>   <option value="">     Part2.1</option>
>>   ...
>> </select>

SELECT is separate html-elements, therefore can be placed in any way:
vertically, horizontally.

TB> <menu type="toolbar">
TB>   <menu label="Name of part1 of site">
TB>     <a href="">Part1.1</a>
TB>   </menu>
TB>   <menu label="Name of part2 of site">
TB>     <a href="">Part2.1</a>
TB>     ...
TB>   </menu>
TB> </menu>

How user can adjust location of <menu label="Name of part1 of site"> ?
I imply vertical location, horizontal location ?

Dmitry Turin

Received on Thursday, 21 June 2007 05:21:58 UTC