Re: fear of "invisible metadata"

Le 21 juin 2007 à 08:50, Robert Burns a écrit :
> For example a picture of "a snowcapped mountain with a forest in  
> the foreground and a brilliant orange sun setting to the right of  
> the mountain peak." is not the type of description one would put in  
> the caption/legend of the photo. It is already apparent to the  
> sighted user.
> So these inherently visual elements have associated elements for  
> universal descriptions (caption, legend). However, when (one needs  
> or wants to provide additional semantics to the non-sighted user,  
> these other mechanisms exist.

Indeed. The same exists in different media. For example, some DVDs  
contain the raw subtitles (dialog of the movies) and the commented  
subtitles (dialog with additional information for deaf people.)
When someone slams the door on the screen, there will be a comment  
for it, or that there is off-voice, or that there is a music playing.

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