Re: fear of "invisible metadata" [was Re: retention of summary attribute for TABLE element]

Gregory J. Rosmaita wrote:
> if 
> markup is being misused, we need to be more precise in the definitions of 
> elements and properties, AND we must insist that -- just as ALT is 
> required for an image -- summary be a REQUIRED attribute of the TABLE 
> element

I will have to second that.

> 2. invisible to whom? 

Correct use of the Summary attribute means that a blind screen reader
user can easily understand the purpose of a data table, and maybe even
an get overview of the data it contains. Without the summary attribute a
screen user has to go through the table cell by cell and often (without
correct 'id/headers' etc never mind 'scope') try and associate each
cell's contents with the correct heading. Then they *may* get a mental
map of what the table is all about. Correct use of summary, even without
any other appropriate semantics can quickly inform the blind user if
they should bother exploring the table at all.

I am in total agreement with the rest of Gregory's post on this issue.


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