Re: Allow other doctypes

On Sun, 17 Jun 2007, Sean Fraser wrote:
>>> I'm curious. What makes an HTML5 document an HTML5 document?
>> I don't understand the question. What do you mean?
> It is this part "...they aren't HTML5 docs in the first place."  from 
> your sentence above. What does _that_ mean?

With past versions of HTML, there was versioning information, so you could 
determine which version of the language the author had used. This has a 
number of problems [1], so we've fixed it in HTML5, but it does mean that 
old HTML4 documents are labelled as HTML4 documents. HTML5 can't obsolete 
HTML4 the way that HTML6 (say) will be able to obsolete HTML5.

[1] For example, when you fix errors in the language, old documents will 
continue to have no errors reported in conformance checkers, despite the 
state of the art having advanced. (Or vice versa -- people working around 
bugs in the standard will have their documents still reported as having 
errors even though there aren't any according to the latest revision of 
hte standard.)

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