Re: <tfoot> at the bottom of <table>

Ben 'Cerbera' Millard wrote:
> > "Going to town" on individuals is unlikely to make the spec more
> > imho. I expect it would just annoy people and make them *less*
favourable to
> > accessibility.

I think this is an important point - if you mean being too heavy handed
( To be clear, I am not making any accusation that anyone is),  IMO,
approach is really important, if not as important as having the correct
coding languages, technology.. whatever.

Accessibility has to be made easy. Easy to understand and easy to do.
Any more issues for developers to deal with or convoluted code etc will
possibly alienate them more from the cause of accessibility. Of course
many will try to create accessible websites but many won't really _want_
to but maybe have to due to legislative pressure or various other sticks.

> > [...] we could save it by demonstrating our expertise.

Another good point, though I guess in this instance the demonstration of
expertise is something that will come when we all know how the new HTML
5 spec will turn out. With that in mind, maybe thinking about to model
HTML 5 so it can make the demonstration of that expertises easier would
be a good angle.


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