mobileOK Basic, overly restrictive tests (was: Re: please reivew mobileOK Basic Tests 1.0 (scripting, fallback, ...))

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> I think that's an interesting point, but the way it's phrased
> doesn't help me track the status of it as well as I'd like.
> In stead of "The tests warn for things..." could you pick one
> or two specific bits of text from the mobileOK tests document
> that you disagree with?


    3.15 OBJECTS_OR_SCRIPT (partial)

    This test does not determine whether the document is still usable
    without the objects or scripts.

    If a script element is present, warn


For authors who want to comply with mobileOK (i.e., make the mobileOK  
validator not emit any warnings or errors) are effectively banned from  
using scripting at all, even though it's just one <script src> in the HEAD  
and it would increase the user experience for users who have scripting  
(some mobiles support scripting, too), and not affect those without  

    3.18 POP_UPS

    For each a, link, form, and base element:

    If a target attribute is present,

    If its value is not one of "_self", "_parent", or "_top", FAIL


AIUI, mobiles don't support popups at all. So why is it a problem to use  
target="_blank" for them? Because it adds 16 bytes to the page weight for  
each occurance?

> Also, could you attach or point to a text/example document, perhaps
> from your existing research [1] that exemplifies the problem?

I'm not sure what that would be. A tutorial for how to write unobstrusive  
javascript to show that it is possible to use scripts in a nice way,  

> ...

Simon Pieters

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